In 1964, Ed Parker held his first International Karate Championships (IKC) in Long Beach, California, which became the largest Martial Arts tournament in the US for many years. The IKC´s brought out some of the best martial artists from around the world. In 1982 the first IKC Europe was held in Jersey hosted by Roy Mc Donald, with Mr Parker as special guest.
The tournament is still in existence. Many great tournament fighters earned their stripes at this tournament, including Chuck Norris, Tony Martinez, Mike Stone, Joe Lewis, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Billy Blanks, Jerry Piddington, and “Superfoot” Bill Wallace. The Long Beach Internationals is also where Bruce Lee was first introduced to the martial arts community in August 1964, with Lee making another appearance in 1968.
In 2001 Mrs Leilani Parker and the IKKA took the “Internationals” and made it a truly International event, by travelling to the following IKKA Countries:
Portugal, Spain, USA, Greece, Holland, Mexico, Jersey and Ireland.
This year we will not put out the flame and there will be the International Kenpo Karate Championships in Europe, precisely in Portugal.
A championship made by everyone, for everyone.
1964 – 2022